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Text Box: Fraserdale 751.106

Text Box: Long Lac 895.806

Text Box: Hearst 778.130

Text Box: Pickle Lake Marathon  1220.197 km.

Text Box: Gravenhurst 189.618

Text Box: Cochrane  655.661

Text Box: Orillia 156.620

Text Box: Burk’s Falls 267.881

Text Box: North Bay 346.120

Text Box: Latchford 456.235

Text Box: Englehart 512.512

Text Box: Matheson 592.476

Text Box: Sudbury 369.883

Text Box: Cartier 415.883

Text Box: Hwy #144 + 560  509.510

Text Box: Espanola 374.219

Text Box: Stoney Creek Home

Text Box: Toronto

Text Box: Rockford 173.650

Text Box: Ferndale 230.974

Text Box: Tobermory 273.565

Text Box: Smooth Rock  687.264

Text Box: Elliot Lake 420.550

Text Box: Chapleau  587.344

Text Box: Timmins  605.907

Text Box: Gogama 519.510

Text Box: Foleyet  595.907



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